More Play-Doh

The thunder rolled in with breakfast and the rain came down like pouring milk into a cereal bowl.

“It’s a rainy day, Bradley. What should we do today?”

“Play-Doh, Mom! Lets do Play-Doh again!”

But of course! Play-Doh, board games, and movies on rainy days.


Crunchy old Play-Doh pieces and smooshy new colors fresh from the can litter my kitchen floor; it is a rainbow mess. I watch all the little pieces embedding themself into the linoleum. I try to ignore the mess and enjoy the fun.

“Collin, you are doing such a good job,” and I truly am amazed. His chubby little two-year old hands roll small pieces into little snakes. His stubby fingers roll pieces into a ball, as if he was rolling a booger. I am impressed because he usually just throws it all on the floor and is more entertained with opening and closing the lids.

“Mom, I need a fatchula,” Bradley says. “This is really stuck.”

“I think we can find you a spatula,” and we dig through the kitchen gadget drawer.

Bradley is building a large something right on the spatula. I am making a duck and Mac and Cheese at the same time. I also have to remove the dog because he is trying to eat the Play-Doh. And also Collin is trying to feed it to him. That would be a lot of rainbow crap in the backyard. Gotta love multi-tasking.

Bradley decides to make a duck, too. I think he did a good job. It is amazing what you can do with two balls of Play-Doh for the body and head, and a few other small scraps for the accessories.

I have to say, Bradley and I should work for Play-Doh. Our creations rock.

To keep the girls busy I put the tub of Legos between them and they are busy little bees. It’s the little things that entertain my kids.


Rainy Day Play-Doh

It was a rainy Friday morning. I sat on the kitchen floor rolling Play-Doh into small coils; green, blue, yellow, and pink – for the stripes on our snake. Bradley was rolling the bright red/orange  into a body for our snake. 

He saw the pictures of different creations on the side of the box and really wanted to make them. So we started off with the snake, then made the frog, a flower, and a fish. He was so proud of his creations and so was I. We did a great job. Collin had fun, too. He mostly made a mess. He is really good at mixing all of the colors together. He did make something, too. And I was shocked. He copied off of Bradley’s fish and mostly had all the right parts. I gave him the dots for the body and smooshed it together. I don’t know if his creation was a coincidence or not, but I was impressed…and still am.

Check out our creations below:


And, next but not least, is Collin’s fish below.

Pretty impressive for an almost 2-year-old. It could have been a coincidence, or maybe he is just a little artist. He was copying the things we were doing. I will settle for a little artist.

We have more plans on new creations for the next rainy day. They will all be multi-colored because Collin managed to mix all the Play-Doh colors this time. 🙂



We received some of the neatest kits for Play-Doh this year for Christmas. Each kit contains an array of plastic tools; a blue and orange rolling-pin, green scissors, a myriad of cookie cutter shapes, a dull plastic knife, a press to push the Play-Doh through and make spaghetti like strings or snakes. Any kind of tool you can think of, it is in our kit, as well as a rainbows worth of colors. We are going to have so much fun!

Bradley and his Play-Doh boat with Yellow Sails

At the beginning it is the most exciting thing to open the kit and play with every utensil and open up each and every color. The beauty of all the brilliant colors so nice and smooth and unmixed with all the other colors going kerplunk onto the table; to be kneaded and rolled and pinched and poked and pushed into all kinds of shapes and creations. And the smell, who can’t resist the smell of new Play-Doh?! (I really do have a thing for the smell of art supplies, like crayons. I find myself always going back to the smell of things.)

Bradley's race car with parachutes and rockets coming out of the back.

The best thing about Play-Doh is all the different things you can make, with the use of a little imagination you can have race cars that turn invisible and boats with yellow sails and gigantic people getting ready to sail away into outer space.

Even though we have all kinds of utensils and tools to aid us in our creative endeavors, I find that we tend to ignore them after the first 15 minutes of play. The best tools, our HANDS, of course! Your fingernails get embedded with dried out blue and yellow and green clay.

Eventually the colors get mixed and blended together in a swirl of red, yellow, green, and blue.  That’s okay. You just have to find a new way to play.