We received some of the neatest kits for Play-Doh this year for Christmas. Each kit contains an array of plastic tools; a blue and orange rolling-pin, green scissors, a myriad of cookie cutter shapes, a dull plastic knife, a press to push the Play-Doh through and make spaghetti like strings or snakes. Any kind of tool you can think of, it is in our kit, as well as a rainbows worth of colors. We are going to have so much fun!

Bradley and his Play-Doh boat with Yellow Sails

At the beginning it is the most exciting thing to open the kit and play with every utensil and open up each and every color. The beauty of all the brilliant colors so nice and smooth and unmixed with all the other colors going kerplunk onto the table; to be kneaded and rolled and pinched and poked and pushed into all kinds of shapes and creations. And the smell, who can’t resist the smell of new Play-Doh?! (I really do have a thing for the smell of art supplies, like crayons. I find myself always going back to the smell of things.)

Bradley's race car with parachutes and rockets coming out of the back.

The best thing about Play-Doh is all the different things you can make, with the use of a little imagination you can have race cars that turn invisible and boats with yellow sails and gigantic people getting ready to sail away into outer space.

Even though we have all kinds of utensils and tools to aid us in our creative endeavors, I find that we tend to ignore them after the first 15 minutes of play. The best tools, our HANDS, of course! Your fingernails get embedded with dried out blue and yellow and green clay.

Eventually the colors get mixed and blended together in a swirl of red, yellow, green, and blue.  That’s okay. You just have to find a new way to play.