Rainy Day Play-Doh

It was a rainy Friday morning. I sat on the kitchen floor rolling Play-Doh into small coils; green, blue, yellow, and pink – for the stripes on our snake. Bradley was rolling the bright red/orange  into a body for our snake. 

He saw the pictures of different creations on the side of the box and really wanted to make them. So we started off with the snake, then made the frog, a flower, and a fish. He was so proud of his creations and so was I. We did a great job. Collin had fun, too. He mostly made a mess. He is really good at mixing all of the colors together. He did make something, too. And I was shocked. He copied off of Bradley’s fish and mostly had all the right parts. I gave him the dots for the body and smooshed it together. I don’t know if his creation was a coincidence or not, but I was impressed…and still am.

Check out our creations below:


And, next but not least, is Collin’s fish below.

Pretty impressive for an almost 2-year-old. It could have been a coincidence, or maybe he is just a little artist. He was copying the things we were doing. I will settle for a little artist.

We have more plans on new creations for the next rainy day. They will all be multi-colored because Collin managed to mix all the Play-Doh colors this time. 🙂


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