More Play-Doh

The thunder rolled in with breakfast and the rain came down like pouring milk into a cereal bowl.

“It’s a rainy day, Bradley. What should we do today?”

“Play-Doh, Mom! Lets do Play-Doh again!”

But of course! Play-Doh, board games, and movies on rainy days.


Crunchy old Play-Doh pieces and smooshy new colors fresh from the can litter my kitchen floor; it is a rainbow mess. I watch all the little pieces embedding themself into the linoleum. I try to ignore the mess and enjoy the fun.

“Collin, you are doing such a good job,” and I truly am amazed. His chubby little two-year old hands roll small pieces into little snakes. His stubby fingers roll pieces into a ball, as if he was rolling a booger. I am impressed because he usually just throws it all on the floor and is more entertained with opening and closing the lids.

“Mom, I need a fatchula,” Bradley says. “This is really stuck.”

“I think we can find you a spatula,” and we dig through the kitchen gadget drawer.

Bradley is building a large something right on the spatula. I am making a duck and Mac and Cheese at the same time. I also have to remove the dog because he is trying to eat the Play-Doh. And also Collin is trying to feed it to him. That would be a lot of rainbow crap in the backyard. Gotta love multi-tasking.

Bradley decides to make a duck, too. I think he did a good job. It is amazing what you can do with two balls of Play-Doh for the body and head, and a few other small scraps for the accessories.

I have to say, Bradley and I should work for Play-Doh. Our creations rock.

To keep the girls busy I put the tub of Legos between them and they are busy little bees. It’s the little things that entertain my kids.


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