Not Just a Pinner…I Cooked!

I spend tons of time on Pinterst pinning away but rarely ever make anything. I know I’m not alone on this- thank you very much you other pinning freaks for making me not the only other person who can waste a whole evening online.

But last night was different…

I actually cooked! (sort of, does a crock pot count?)

It was edible!

And I actually used a recipe that I found on Pinterest (so see, I’m not totally wasting time).

But I will admit, it was a pretty darn easy recipe. Chicken Tacos. And it only has 3 ingredients you throw in the crock pot. So it is practically fool proof.

But it was really good. I’m proud of myself (not that I created the recipe, just that I was able to duplicate it and my family could actually eat it) and I would definitely make it again.

Check out the link for the recipe.

What are your favorite and easy recipes from Pinterest that you actually make regularly? Leave the link in the comments. I would love to try a few more!