bits & pieces

This post is just “bits & pieces” of our day. It is seconds of our day that I have captured with a picture or video. It is nothing major or big…but sometimes it is the little moments that are the most precious. Special little snapshots of time that I just don’t want to forget, like how Collin puckers up for a kiss or how cute the boys look sitting on the couch together (which ends up actually not being so cute because they are pestering the poor dog…and each other). But these are the things I want to remember, the cute, the goofy, the good, and the bad…and the driving me crazy.

The first little part I want to share is my gorgeous view. I couldn’t have done it without the sun, and…

Finally! the sun is here. It has been too dark and dreary for too long.

This is my view from my front porch. I love this tree. One day it just turned hot pink…poof!

I don’t even know what type of tree this is (not that I’m very good at naming any of them). It is pretty though.

We also had alot of fun playing with our shadows and making all kinds of crazy shapes.

We did an outside art project/experiment, which I will share our results with you at a later date.

I will leave you with a couple of videos, more “bits & pieces” of our day.

Oh, the things I put up with too early in the morning. Wouldn’t trade it for anything though. 🙂

Bradley idolizes his dad, like most 5 year old boys do. He is always asking if he can be daddy or telling me over and over again, “My dad is more awesome than the Miz.” Which means alot to his little wrestling mind, which is something they watch together on Monday nights.

And I also crack myself up. Please remember, after you watch this next video, that I am home with the kids all day long with no adult conversation. So sometimes I get a little goofy. lol

I really do crack myself up.

Just remember to enjoy all the lil’ “bits & pieces.” Time goes by way to fast.


Collin’s First Haircut

Today I cried over sweet little blonde curls laying on my kitchen floor. The buzzing of the clippers shook and rattled my heart as I watched them fall to the floor, curl by soft curl.

I am never ready for my baby’s hair to be cut. I would let that fine baby hair grow and grow. But Brad never listens to me. It is an argument everytime. I knew it was coming because he wanted to cut it last weekend. When he cut Bradley’s hair for the first time I wasn’t even there to witness it…thankfully. Of course, he video taped it for me…which I can’t seem to find anywhere. Either way, I cried both times. And then I am in shock for a little while because it seems like they aged a whole year without those baby curls.

Below is Collin’s video of his first haircut. *sigh*

Well, at least part of it. Then “UGH Oh!”  (see next video below).

Sometimes I feel a little relief that the next two are girls…he better not touch their hair with clippers! That could possibly be construed as child abuse. lol

But he is a cutie no matter what his hair looks like.

Before front

Before back




Worms Need Love, too…and Good Literature

Bradley ready to dig up the worms in the farm.

What a busy day. I think my favorite part about having our worm farm, besides there is little to no care for them, is listening to Bradley and all the things he says and thinks about worms. Worms smile, sing, play, and worms need love too, right mom? Of course. 🙂 He even made a worm dance. The worm dance consists of “Stretch and wiggle…stretch and wiggle…” across my kitchen floor.

We did have a little worm accident this morning when we were excavating them. They kind of went for a little ride, darn dog. Who knew worms could fly? Check it out in the video below.

OOOPS! We did manage to find all of them but one. I guess he has returned to his natural habitat.

Our next try at a video went better.

Some things we learned about worms from our observations and books:

1. They like to be read to.

2. They are nocturnal, or come out at night.  a.k.a. night crawlers. 

3. When the soil is hard, a worm will take a few bites of it so it can dig and tunnel its way down into the dirt. Dirt, yum! It’s a balanced meal for a worm.

4. Worms do have a head and tail. The tail end is flatter and more blunted, and the front is pointy. Never knew that!

5. The smooth ring that circles the worm’s body is called a saddle, and only grown up worms have them. But you can’t ride them. hee hee

Source:  “Natures Children: Worms”  by Jen Green

*note* I love seeing Bradley soak up all this information and new vocabulary…then try to use it. So cute!

This is also one of my favorite activities because we put the worms on a little lid and Bradley and the worms entertain each other for an hour or two!

Hope you had a great day on our worm farm, we did. See ya next time!


Below are extra videos. Thanks for reading and watching 🙂  And feel free to leave comments. They make my day.

Lets Move to China and Chicken Nuggets

“Mom, lets move to China so I can learn Kung Fu.” This has been Bradley’s request several times a week since he watched Karate Kid. He is obsessed with it, often times yelling for Mr. Hahn, our little joke.

He practices his moves everyday. He jabs, punches, and kicks invisible opponents across the living room floor. He finishes with a spin kick and a touchdown. It looks like a cross between karate, breakdancing, and football. I tell him he is going to have to go to his room or outside to practice his “karate” moves, there are too many babies in the living room and I am trying to finish folding the laundry. “O.kay, Mom,” he says. “But I want a hooker for the backyard.”

I stop in mid-fold. What did he say? I tried not to look too surprised or shocked…I think the more precise word is baffled. What is he talking about?! “You need a what?” I ask cautiously.

“A HOOKER for the backyard. You know!”

“A hooker,” I say. I want to crack up laughing, but I’m also very curious on what in the world he is meaning. So I stifle my giggles and wipe the amusement off my face. “I don’t understand what you mean. Can you show it to me?”

“MOM. Like on Karate Kid. In Mr. Hahn’s yard. He hangs his coat up and then takes it off. Pick it up. Put it on. Hang it up. You know that part.”

“OOOOhhhhh…” Now I understand. A coat rack.

So of course, I immediately text his dad at work: Guess what your son just asked for. A hooker for the backyard. What the hell have you been teaching him?! 

Now, our other boy…he is using chicken nuggets as phones. I was pacing the floor as I was talking and I look down, Collin is following me with a chicken nugget to his ear and babbling. He pauses, takes a bite from it, and then puts it back to his ear to continue talking.

All in the day of children…you just never know what to expect.


Check out my little karate monster’s moves in the video below.

Bradley, Clifford, and the Book Fair

St.Patrick’s Day was a super busy day for us. This is part 3!

Bradley and I went to the book fair at his preschool. There were games, crafts, lots of cool books, and Clifford.

I wanted to take some pictures of Bradley in his Clifford ears we made at the book fair. He insisted on making a video instead. He was super hyper that night, probably because grandparents were around and he knows he never gets in trouble when they are around, most of the time. He also likes to show off. He is still cute in the video, in his own goofy way, even though I’m not sure what he was talking about.

I also took some cute pics. Check ’em out below.

Yep, amazing how much fun you can have with construction paper.

We ended the night reading books and eating Chex Mix.  I think next time we will have to make a play. FUN!



This is from Easter in February, which you can read here.

Finally found a video of Collin playing Peek-a-Boo, sort of. Check it out down below. He looks a little scary in the stand still…crazy blue eye baby. You can see his other short video here.

When the girls start feeling better I will get a video of them.

More to come soon. Thanks for watching 🙂