She Can Walk! But Only When She Wants To.

I hold up her favorite toy across the room. “Come here, Elsie! Want your toy?” I say, shaking the toy and trying to coax her into walking across the room. (She is a baby, not a dog. That description kind of sounded like I was talking to a dog. Funny how those things can be similar. I mean think about it – the way people talk to a baby to get them all excited kind of sounds similar to how some people talk to their puppies. Gotta train ’em. The similarities are kind of funny, except I don’t make my kids pee oustide. But anyway, I’m just entertaining a silly thought, on with the story.)

She gets down, laughs and smiles at me, and walks across the room on her knees.

I have been waiting for Elsie to start walking any time now. I can’t wait for her to walk! If only you could see her poor little calloused knees you would understand.

I try to hold her hands so she will walk. Nope. She wont do it. She just keeps her knees up and refuses to even try. Little stinker.

Sometimes I think she thinks she is walking when she walks on her knees, which is her main way of getting around. But who really knows what these babies are thinking.

I guess she will walk when she is ready. But she has finally taken her first steps and I got it on video! She doesn’t even try to walk very often, so it is amazing I caught it on video.

Now…if she would only try it a little more often.

I guess when she is ready.


This Toy Has Gotta Go!

I can tolerate many different noises. Most toys don’t bother me, not even several going at once with a house full of noisy kids.

But this toy… It’s loud. It flashes. It plays a really fast annoying song that is hard to understand. It’s fast paced and the thing just drives me crazy! I can only take it for short periods of time. VERY short periods of time.

Collin got it for his last birthday. We didn’t even know it made any noise for the longest time…until Bradley started playing with it one day. He comes in from the porch, “Look, Mom. It plays music,” he said over the blaring noise and lights.

“Oh, good,” I said with a big sigh. Really?!

It is kind of fun toy because the kids love it. But it never stops! There is no button to push to make the song play one time. As soon as you flip the little switch on the bottom it plays nonstop.

Please! Make it stop!

But it is kind of cute watching the kids play with it. The girls love dancing to it. I can only take it for a short period of time before it gets “lost.”

It recently found a new home in the trash can. SHHH! The kids don’t know. I only threw it away because every time they get it out pieces of it keep falling off and I’m afraid the babies will choke. Good excuse, I know.

My favorite types of toys are like the ones below. Simple. Basic. Cheap. Quiet.

Even though, as you can see, they can still get hurt on the most simple toys, though. I think when she was trying to bite the tub she got her finger. Oops.


Paper Mache Pumpkin

I have always wanted to make something paper mache. So Bradley and I made a paper mache pumpkin for Halloween. It was a lot of fun…AND really messy, but that’s half the fun.

Bradley insisted it had lots of blood. That’s a boy for you.

One thing I learned when it was all done, which I didn’t think about at the beginning, was to make a flat bottom on it. Our pumpkin has a rounded botton from the balloon and it doesn’t sit up right. You have to lean it up against something. That’s alright though, it’s still cute and we had so much fun.

I love the conversations we have while doing projects. I learn alot about what he is thinking. Check out the video below. You have to watch towards the end because he totally cracks me up when I asked him what kind of face he wanted to make for his pumpkin.

Did you make anything crafty this Halloween?

Thanks for reading and watching.


Hot Dogs and Kentucky Fried Chicken

“What do you want to be for Halloween?” I asked Bradley at dinner time.

“I want to be a hot dog,” Bradley said between bites.

He said it so matter of factly. He didn’t have to think about it. He just wants to be a hot dog for Halloween.

I tried not to laugh too hard. “A hot dog?”

“Yep. A hot dog, Mom.”

“I guess Collin could be the ketchup.”

It just so happened that Connie, my boss, was out shopping today and actually found a hot dog costume. Bradley loves his costume. It makes me laugh. He looks so goofy, but cute.

Thanks, Connie!

When I was taking Bradley’s picture in his costume I told him to smile.

“Mom, hot dogs don’t smile,” he said to me.

“Oh, just smile for the picture, please,” I urged him.

And he smiled his little smile and said, “Eat me.”

I was cracking up. We have also been having fun with, “You have mustard on you,” and “Where’s the ketchup?” 

This is way different from his costume from last year (which I didn’t get to help pick out because I was in the hospital on bed rest).


AND…Bradley learned a new song at school today. Listen closelyto the way he says Kentucky Fried Chicken. 😉


From Tadpoles to Tiny Frogs

I step out onto the back porch, the concrete burning my feet, and tap the turquoise tote with my big toe. I watch the remaining two tadpoles fly through the water, startled and swimming for the next rock or pond scum to hide under. The color of the tote reminds me of the ocean, somewhere tropical that I will not be visiting for a long time…we will wait until the babies get bigger, but a girl can always dream palm trees. The ripples my tapping toe makes must look like tidal waves to the little creatures. Their new skinny frog legs flailing at their sides.

And yes, there are only two left. One died of natural causes and the other from a curious toddler who decided to go wading in the tote. Oops!

They are so tiny, they could sit on a dime and still have lots of room. “Be careful,” I warn Bradley as he catches it with pinching fingers and sets it gently on his palm. I am hopeful it is still alive as he puts it on his hand. A hop and a jump…yep, it’s still kicking!

We had a lot of fun raising them and watching them change and grow. Hope to do it again next year.


Below is a short video of the babies Bradley caught at the farm. There was so many! We let them go before we went home. Bradley lightly dumped the jar and they jumped, darted, and swam away.


Mommy’s Lil’ Helper

Oh, Collin. My dear sweet Collin. Who is standing on the arm of the couch right now and jumping into me…. and driving me crazy. I have told him the stories of the little monkeys falling off the bed…he doesn’t listen very well, like most two-year olds.

There are some days I feel like I am in one of David Shannon’s “No, David!” books, seriously. I know I have said it before, but it is like a rerun I live every day.

“No, Collin! You can not sit on your sisters!”

“No, Collin! You can not touch people’s eyeballs!”

“No, Collin! You can not drink out of puddles!”

And the list goes on and on… I try to be a “yes” mom, a positive reinforcement mom, a mom who lets her kid experience things…I try to give alternatives…

But sometimes you just have to say, “NO!”  And quite honestly, I don’t feel bad about it. I believe in teaching in many ways, and one of them is “No” and “Stop.”

I don’t freak out…wait, slash that…I try not to freak out about the little things. Sure, take out all the clothes out of your dresser drawers (which keeps him busy for hours). You can help me fold them back up and put them away (which he loves). You dumped out the whole tote of crayons AGAIN? Really?!  Oh, well…

He is my lil’ man and my shadow.  If I stop too quick, he runs into the back of me. But unlike shadows, I often trip over him.

But seriously, who can refuse help like this. Sweet blue eyes and a cute little smile with his little fang teeth coming in, those are sharp! I know, lil’ stinker. But that’s another story.

He loves to be held and will try to scoot any other baby off of mommy’s lap. He is also really into mocking my “mommy look” that I give him…which I do my best not to crack up laughing. It usually looks like his eyes are going to roll back into his head. He giggles and runs when he gets into trouble, which he is usually looking for. He also has a very helpful 5-year-old brother who helps him out by whispering in his ear. He can also be such a little stinker, stealing the babies’ pacifiers and running as fast as he can outta there, sisters screaming and immobile behind him. Just wait until they start moving…Oh, my!

BUT…when he is sweet…he is very sweet. Check out my super helper in the video below. So precious.

***Note: this does not happen all of the time. Most of the time he is rolling on them or squeezing their poor little toes. Good thing I got it on video.***

There are times when I can’t see straight or complete a sentence because I am constantly redirecting him while balancing one baby on my hip and entertaining the other with my foot. But it’s okay, because I know that way too soon, he will be “a big boy” and wanting to do everything himself. So I get as many kisses as I can and cuddle my sweet little baby, who barely had any time to just be a baby himself  (poor baby brother of twins, even though I’m sure they will have their own lil’ gang soon enough).

Oh, all the things he does…like in the example below.I turned around for a second, and this is what I found. lol.

Collin & Mallie

You just never know.


p.s. I put Collin to bed about a half hour ago. He usually just goes to sleep, except for tonight for some reason. I went up to the bathroom and he was just sitting on the steps, staring at me like some child from a scary movie who should be walking out of a cornfield or something. Scared the crap out of me.

You just never know. haha