Super Baby

Baby by day, Super Hero by night.

He can scale counters with his bare toes. He can climb tall cribs in a single bound. He can open juice containers with his bare teeth and drink milk from the jug. He can swipe a refrigerator clean in one turn of the back. He can spill anything before you can say “sp…”. He can get what he wants with a single grunt. He can ride a dog like a drunk cowboy on a broncking bull. He can pull hair harder than a mad hairdresser. He can herd babies better than an Australian Sheep Dog. He can flood the bathroom with one turn of the faucet. He can empty all of the toy boxes faster than the speed of light. He can slam doors louder than a mad housewife. He can throw a toy out of orbit. And he thinks he can run through walls.

But the best thing of all…He can give hugs and kisses better than them all.

But seriously… this kid has destroyed EVERTHING in his path today. He kind of reminded me of something like this:

Don't ever turn your back on a baby with a gun, Kool-Aid mustache, and dirty feet.

There is never a moment’s peace…unless he’s sleeping.