Friday Favorites: Soggy Toes & Sunburns

Sleepy Bradley & Mommy Six Flags, June 2008

Sunburns and soggy toes melting in drying socks…I can just feel the crater thick crevices on my toes. My arms are tired and my sunburnt shoulders are already peeling. I needed a nice long rest with my “Baby Bradley.”  It’s the only time when a hard picnic bench can be so comfortable. 

My chubby little toddler went from extra rolls, baby dimples, and diapers to Power Ranger underwear and preschool overnight. A chubby cheeked two teeth smile turned into a honery little boy grin.

It doesn’t matter…he will always be my baby. I hug him extra tight and steal my kisses when he has a scrape or fall, even with all the protests, “Mom! I’m alright!”

I catch him as he runs by and  remind him, “You are never to old for mommy kisses.”