Family Day

Brad just shuffled off to bed, dragging his slippered feet across the hardwood floors like a blind man on ice. Murphy must be just as tired because he high-tailed it to the recliner to keep the chair warm. I would like to go to bed…but that’s not happening for a little while anyway.

We spent the day with my parents, grandparents, and my sister and her family. I love having a big get together with the family. Jessica made a big pot of chilli with noodles on the side. We played Scrabble and I was highly distracted by the lemon bars baking in the kitchen (Jess really spoiled us today, what a good sis).


My beautiful and talented niece, Hannah, took a ton of pictures today. She loves taking  pics as much as I do. I  can not show them all, but I will post a few of my favorites.
Thanks Hannah!

Jonas, Collin, and Bradley


Look at those muscles!!! Bradley


I will be sharing more of Hannah’s pictures soon. I have a project in the works. Stay tuned to find out!

And now  the girls are finally asleep, so I guess it is now my turn to shuffle off to bed.


Friday Favorites: May 2008

So every Friday I am going to post some of my favorite old pics. It’s my way of reminising…and catching up on my scrapbooking. It’s amazing how things can change so fast…and how my babies are growing so quickly. It really makes me realize to enjoy every minute with my kids because pretty soon they will be grown up and independent. And I’m not getting any younger and not having any more babies. These will keep me plenty busy for years. It just all goes by so fast!

Life before Collin and the twins.

I love getting all dressed up and taking pics. This doesn’t happen very often. This was taken at Brad’s mom’s wedding. Look how little Bradley was there. awwww… and that is when we called him Baby Bradley. He’s kinda grown out of it now, even though he will always be my baby.

It just seems like yesterday we took these pictures, but it was 3 years ago! and 3 babies ago! (yea, we have had 4 babies in 5 years- lol)

Mommy and Bradley


Back then I would have never thought that I would be where I am now, with four kids. It’s kinda strange to think that we doubled the kids in one pregnancy. (plus there are Brad’s two older boys, Taigyn and Cedrik. So actually that makes 6 kids)
But I’m happy where I am at now. It feels like I was always meant to be here, with all these beautiful babies. You never know where life will take you.

Friday Favorites

Collin, Bradley, and Mommy

This picture just cracks me up. “Everybody make a funny face!” and this is what Collin gives us. He is such a character…I just can’t explain. To know him is to love him and laugh at,  I mean WITH him. He is just something else and sweet as can be.

So I have decided that Friday will be my “Friday Favorites.” I will post pictures that I really like and didn’t get a chance to put up. I might post old pictures and reminisce. Or it coud just be random things that I really like. We will see how it goes, but it will be my favorites of something!


And I managed to get a really cute picture of my lil’ Elsie Cake smiling and happy as can be. She was cooing and trying to laugh. She is so precious. I love these moments, and they aren’t as often as they should be with this sweet girl. She has acid reflux and is so miserable with a belly ache alot of the time. We have tried everything for the poor girl (a whole story itself) and nothing seems to work. I can’t wait until she grows out of it and we have more smiley times.

Mommy and Mallie

And my lil’ Mallie, a.k.a. Mallie B. or Mallie Boo or Malibu, is just a happy little round baby. She is pretty content just hanging out and enjoying the show.


My Bradley is getting so big and independent. He took this picture all by himself! And he is such a great helper and loving brother,most of the time 😉  I don’t know what I would do without him.

Mommy and Collin

And can’t forget about my lil’ Collie…aka…Collie Wolly Doodle… technically “the middle child.” Bradley on one side and twin girls on the other. It is a good thing he is so easy-going. He is also quite clumsy and things just seem to happen to the poor kid, it is quite humorous some of the situations he gets into. I’m sure I will have many to share soon enough. He is also my helper and shadow. I can’t seem to do anything without him…and I don’t mind too much because soon enough he will be getting bigger and wont want to admit being a momma’s boy.

And this momma has had one long day and is exhausted.  I will introduce Papa Bear another day. 

Thanks for reading and I will leave you with my other favorite pics we took yesterday. Bradley took some of them and  I think he did a pretty good job.


p.s. Please ignore the background clutter in the pics. I like to keep it “real.” My house isn’t really messy, just a little unorganized now and then. It is “lived in” and “comfortable” by a very large family. I figure I can spend my days cooking and cleaning all day… or I can do some of both…and PLAY and make awesome memories. They are only little once.