A Good Nights Sleep and a Busy Work Day

The girls slept all night last night! I am so excited because this has only happened once before. We went to bed around 8:30 or 9 pm and didn’t wake until 6am. It was nice. I made the kids scrambled eggs for breakfast and had the kitchen cleaned and kids dressed by 8:30am. But now, this afternoon, everyone is napping and I wish I was too. I am so tired. My body probably doesn’t know what to do with all this sleep. I hope they sleep again all night again tonight, but I’m not gonna count on it. It was probably just luck.

Today is a “work” day. It is a day of phone calls, organizing paperwork, and paying bills. I hate these kind of days, but they must be done. I keep the boys busy with table activities – drawing, coloring, writing, games, play-doh, painting, etc.

The boys are also able to play on the front porch since it is nicer out (which basically means above freezing). I glance out the window and am thankful they are playing so nicely together…for now. That means I can make phone calls without Collin grunting in the background or Bradley asking questions.

Overall, it has been a productive day. Now I am ready to get back to the fun stuff, like making a few messes or brewing up a science experiment.