I Have a Hole in My Head

“You need a puppy like you need a hole in the head.” Well, I guess I must have a hole in my head because we have a new puppy. (Where in the world did that expression come from anyway?) 

He’s cute, like most puppies. He craps alot, too; like most puppies. I just wish it was easier to clean up. I mean really, I already have 3 butts I clean regularly. Can’t wait until he’s fully potty trained. Yuck!

But meet our new addition to the family, Mickey! a,k.a. Brad’s dog.



Adorable, huh? I know, I know…who couldn’t love a face like that? Me. Some people see cute furry creatures…I see a poop machine, a larger dog food bill, vet bill, etc. I will admit he is cute and I love his clumsiness. It is quite endearing. I just rather not wake up to a pile of crap.

The other morning I found him in one of the bouncy seats pawing at the toys. Super cute, now get out (I tried to get a pic but he moved). Because he has tried to climb in there with the babies, too. But I remind myself, he is still a baby. Just a furry one. He just needs training.

I try to have an adventurous attitude. I need puppy training too.

I do like him…I like him best when he looks like this (see below):

It usually takes me a while to get used to a new animal in the house…I’m sure he will grow on me soon enough.

Or else Brad really is just trying to push me off the ledge of crazy. 😉