Can You Hear My Heart?

“Mommy, where is your heart?”

“Right here,” I put the toy stethoscope to my chest. “Do you hear it?”

“No, I can’t hear nothing,” he pouts.

“Listen VERY very carefully,” I whisper. “Do you hear my heart talking?”

His eyes sparkle just a little bit more as they twinkle back and forth, intent on listening.

“It is saying how much I love you,” I tell him.

“MOM!” he complains.

I guess it was supposed to tell him some exciting story about super heroes and villains.

“Alright, alright,” I laugh. “Let me hear yours. What is your heart saying?”

I put the toy stethoscope to his chest and look up into the air, like I’m listening really hard. “Mmm Hmmmm…” I continue to make listening noises. He is just staring at me with a Cheshire grin and a look of anticipation, like I actually know what his heart is saying.

“It is beating hard,” I say. “Oh my! Your heart is really loud. It is saying,” and I pause extra long for a dramatic effect, “that you have the coolest Mommy in the whole wide world! And it is also saying how much you love your Mommy and you are gonna give her a great big hug and kiss!”


“Alright. Alright,” I say, but I scoop him up in a great big bear hug anyway and give him a big smooch.