Can You Hear My Heart?

“Mommy, where is your heart?”

“Right here,” I put the toy stethoscope to my chest. “Do you hear it?”

“No, I can’t hear nothing,” he pouts.

“Listen VERY very carefully,” I whisper. “Do you hear my heart talking?”

His eyes sparkle just a little bit more as they twinkle back and forth, intent on listening.

“It is saying how much I love you,” I tell him.

“MOM!” he complains.

I guess it was supposed to tell him some exciting story about super heroes and villains.

“Alright, alright,” I laugh. “Let me hear yours. What is your heart saying?”

I put the toy stethoscope to his chest and look up into the air, like I’m listening really hard. “Mmm Hmmmm…” I continue to make listening noises. He is just staring at me with a Cheshire grin and a look of anticipation, like I actually know what his heart is saying.

“It is beating hard,” I say. “Oh my! Your heart is really loud. It is saying,” and I pause extra long for a dramatic effect, “that you have the coolest Mommy in the whole wide world! And it is also saying how much you love your Mommy and you are gonna give her a great big hug and kiss!”


“Alright. Alright,” I say, but I scoop him up in a great big bear hug anyway and give him a big smooch.


A Snippet of Listening and Watching

Today was such a busy day. I am tired and ready for bed, so tonight will be a super short post.

I can’t remember the last time that I got 6 hours of sleep in a row. I usually do during the weekend because Brad is home, but not for the last couple of weekends because we have had so many plans. So I am ready to hold my breath and tip toe these babies to bed. Hope they stay asleep because I am soooo ready for bed!

I am sitting here listening. Listening to the thunder. Listening to the weather on the nine o’clock news. Listening to Bradley whine because he needs to go to bed. Listening to Brad grumble and tell Bradley to knock it off. Listening to my fingers click, click, clicking away as I type. Listening to Collin breath as he sleeps and Bradley yawns. There is more thunder.

I am watching the boys all snuggled and piled into the recliner watching tv. I am watching Elsie sleep in her swing and Mallie is to the right of me swaddled in a Care Bears blanket. I am watching Murphy sleep in the kid’s chair, I hear him sigh. I am watching Bradley give his dad a good night kiss. Here he comes…I get my hug and steal my kiss.

I hear more thunder and see raindrops or sleet, can’t tell which, sprinkling the window. The lightning strikes the winter sky in a blinding white that is just brilliant against the dark snow- covered fir trees (or pine trees, not sure). My hot Chai is sitting on the window ledge next to me. I am ready to guzzle the rest down and snuggle in bed with my Kindle and read until I fall asleep.

Good night.