Worm Farm

What a great digger!

It all started with Sesame Street. The letter of the day was “D” and dirt starts with “D” and worms live in dirt…and on and on… which got Bradley’s brain a turnin’ and he had a million questions about worms and he really wanted a pet worm.

So we decided to start a worm farm.

We got shovels and a container to put them in and we headed out to the garden.

Ane we got lucky! As soon as we broke ground we found a worm!

I think it was love at first sight for Bradley.

Oh, all the things he wants to know!

And I want him to learn by exploring and with lots of hands on activities. That is just the teacher in me. I will be digging out my Science binder from my methods class. I’m pretty sure the awesome professor I had, Dr. Serianz, gave us all types of activities and information on worms. I will probably add some of these to the agenda.

Check out Bradley in this cute video. My camera battery died and cut it off.

We also made a “Worm Journal” and we started a KWLC Chart (what we know, what we want to learn, what we learned, and what views changed). Below are pics of our journal. I also let him put a worm on a plastic lid so he could look at it closer. We saw it crawl through a big dirt clod and stretch out in the water in the crack of the plastic lid.

(SHHHH!!! Don’t tell Papa Bear we had worms at the table. hee hee. If he only knew the crazy things we do all day!)

Bradley studying his worm (on plastic lid) and drawing the cover for his journal.

Some of the things we have listed for our KWLC chart for what we know (or what we think we know, sometimes things change as we explore and learn more, that is the reason for the C in the chart/what ideas we changed):

1. They live in dirt.

2. They like water and they like to swim.  (haha…fish like to eat them under water, but I didn’t tell him this. And he thought that because the worm he was watching went to the water, so good conclusion for a five-year old).

3. Ducks eat special worms and that’s their supper.

4. Worms like to burin the dirt deep.

5. They like to play sometimes. Sometimes they play with their daddy.

6. You can pet them.

7. They have no legs.

8.  They are slow like snails.

Some of the things Bradley wants to learn:

1. What do worms eat?

2. Do they eat dirt? Or do they eat what I eat?

3. Do they sleep?

4. Do they like to be pets?

5. Do they have bones?

6. How do they breath?

7. And I want to know how they are classified.

And after you have been outside in the cold digging, you need a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up. And it always tastes better in the special mug Bradley and I made together.

Bradley’s side of the mug doesn’t show as well because he didn’t color very dark. But it is super cute.

Stay tuned for the rest of our experiments and see what is happening down on the worm farm.


p.s. Collin was learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion. With all that room to run in the backyard he was off…until he fell…again and again. His body just can’t keep up with his feet.