Meet Collin: My Super Cute Baby Boy

I picked Collin up out of his highchair and Kix cereal pelted the floor like hail. Obviously he had more in his lap than his tray. And as soon as his feet touched the floor him and Murphy raced to see who could eat the most cereal off the floor. I might as well be talking to the wall when I say, “Collin, don’t eat off the floor!” Normally he is playing in the river of milk on his tray. He is such a joy to clean up. Right now we just finished breakfast and I am watching him run around with a leftover something stuck above his ear. Must have missed that one.


Mommy & Collin

Collin is the “middle” child (sort of…I should say he is one of the middle children and the youngest boy), with Bradley on one side and the twins on the other, and two older brothers, the oldest 16! But he is my “go with the flow” kid. He toddles along behind one of us. He is also the one who is a big helper and is ALWAYS into something. I can’t turn my back for a second or he might blow up the house, seriously. We were down in the basement and I turned to put the laundry soap in the washer…and that MUST HAVE been when he decided to play with the dials on the water heater. Took me forever to figure out why there was no hot water. Needless to say, I don’t take him down there with me anymore.

He is a pretty easy going toddler. He loves to follow his brother around and play with Murphy, our dog. Collin is 19 months old now and he doesn’t say much, although he has a wide range of yells and grunts. Why would he have to say anything when he has his brother to do it. Bradley will say, “Collin wants a snack,” or “Collin wants to watch cartoons.” So having a little brother has its advantages for Bradley too.

Mommy's helper.

 Likes: Doing dishes, dancing, pushing buttons, pointing and grunting, eating from the garbage (which we put a lock on that door!), playing ball, climbing the stairs and anything that stands somewhat still, pulling off his diaper, he is obsessed with brushing his teeth, crackers (he can be bribed to do anything with a cracker), playing peek-a-boo, rubbing mashed potatoes in his hair, and eating Legos, just to name a few. Oh, and he loves kissing feet, especially the babies. And trying to give the babies their pacifiers. He likes to help with EVERYTHING.  

Lego boy

 Dislikes: Long naps, wearing socks and shoes (can’t keep these on him for nothing!), tape on his fingers, and sharing.

He is quite a character. I can just sit and watch him run and it makes me crack up laughing. He is such a goofball. I can’t wait until he starts talking…I wonder what he will say.
Check out Collin’s short video. I was trying to get him to play peek-a-boo but he just wouldn’t. Still a cute video, I’m kinda partial though to my children. 🙂
Thanks for reading and watching! Feel free to leave a comment. They make my day!
p.s. And he loves eating his toes. I will have to definitely get a picture, it’s hilarious.

“Pick That Up, Please.”

As I reached the top of the steps John Cena the action figure bit my big toe. Buzz Light Year grabbed my ankle and refused to let go. I told him I was going nowhere near Infinity or Beyond and to leave me alone. Hotwheels lined up and revved their painted threats and little army men stood their ground in a plastic mess. I threatened to melt them all or pull out their stuffing…they didn’t listen. So I yelled at the boys, “Pick up this mess!”

Only Collin came running to attempt this request. Bradley used to be so well trained, I don’t know what happened…probably being 5. Bradley can be a challenge and you have to get creative to get him going, or just threaten to take away his video games and that usually gets him motivated. But Collin, oh sweet little Collin, he is another story…

Collin doing dishes.

With Collin I always have an extra shadow following me. A little blonde hair, blue-eyed angel who is Mommy’s extra couple of hands. He is always there, no matter what I’m doing; it could be dishes, folding laundry, feeding babies, you name it and he is there. If I suddenly stop, he is running into the back of me. I often wonder why we even bought him Christmas presents because he never plays with them. He rather be in the cupboards stacking Tupperware or banging pots and pans.

When I do the dishes I bring in the step stool so he can help. Tonight he climbs up and is supposed to be rinsing. I look over and he is wearing the colander as a hat. I chuckle to myself. This is why doing dishes isn’t so bad, even if I do have to re-wash half of them. And every time I put something into the sink he says, “Tank too” (thank you).

He even helps unload and load the dishwasher. He puts away the silverware, but never in the right spot. Oh well, it keeps him busy and temporarily out of the way so I can unload the rest of the dishes. And most of the time clean  Tupperware lids get washed in the dishwasher. It’s all good. OR…my favorite from this evening – I hear this weird scraping sound and turn around…Collin has a Tupperware bowl on each foot and his walking/sliding across the kitchen floor. I decided to call it “Tupperware Skating” or “Leftover Skiing.”

Mommy and Baby Collin, 2009

So this kid is always up to something and I can’t turn my back for a minute. And he is extremely fast! So I also have him pick things up for me all the time and he loves it. It is also something I LOVE about this age. It is extremely helpful when I have one of the babies in the Sleepywrap, which usually happens when I’m doing the dishes. I will drop something, “Hey Collin, pick this up for Mommy, please,” and he tells ME “thank you” when he’s done. lol

So of course I am constantly dropping things, over and over and over again. It makes him happy and all I want is for my children to be happy. “Pick that up, please.”

***Note***  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Sleepywrap and have used it with the last three of my babies. It has came in handy at the park, mall, work, home, and a million other places. It should probably be a whole other post in itself. I highly recommend it.