Parent Teacher Conferences and Chicken Butts

Daddy:  Guess What?

Bradley:  What?

Daddy:  Chicken Butt

HaHaHaHahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!  At least to a 5-year-old it is hilarious. We thought it was pretty darn cute too, until we went to Bradley’s preschool parent teacher conference. Okay, I confess, it still is kinda funny.

Last Thursday we walked down the hallway filled with crayon drawings, stick figures, and torn up magazine collages with clumps of glue hanging onto string and googly eyes, to see Bradley’s teacher for our parent teacher conference.

I love seeing all the drawings, labeled on the bottom with thick black marker in the teacher’s plain print so you know what the subject is. Many kids drew pictures of their moms, friends, or Valentine’s cupcakes. Not my son, he drew a carpet. A carpet? Really? All these cute drawings, and that is what he does. At least I can say it was the most original piece of art.  Who knows what he was thinking.  Which got me to thinking…I wonder what she will have to tell us. Last time we got a pretty good report, so I was assuming it would be about the same because I haven’t gotten any phone calls from the school, thank goodness.

I sat flipping through laminated construction paper books looking at the cute pictures of field trips and their simple sentences. I found Bradley in a couple of the books. I just can’t believe how much he has grown up. He’s turning into a little boy. AND…he has a little boys sense of humor. The teacher told us he was a joy to have in class, except that he sometimes uses “inappropriate language” (just to note, she was looking at Brad when she said  this, ha). She said that there were some words that he shouldn’t be saying at all, but mostly he has gotten into trouble for saying “chicken butt.”

She explained not that it is a bad word, but it is when he uses it, like in the middle of story time. And he has said it SO much, all he has to say now is “chicken” and he gets the whole class going. The teacher says, “I know he has older brothers, and a Dad. I figure he has picked it up there.” I was just trying not to bust up laughing as Brad explains with rosy cheeks that that one is his fault, it is their little joke. Along with Bradley saying “jackwagon” all the time from the Geico commercial. So now I just picture him saying, “chicken…chicken. CHICKEN,” and getting all the laughs and attention.


We talk to him about it and tell him not to do it anymore. We try to tell him with a straight face.

And tonight…Bradley is playing with his learning laptop that will say the letters as you push them. Guess what his Dad taught him tonight. “Bradley, type these letters. I.C.U.P.” and they laughed and laughed and laughed. Bradley did that one at least 50 times, cracking up laughing each time. “I see you pee. I see you pee.” hahahaha. Now I’m just waiting to hear about that one from the teacher. Boys! 😉

What are some of the crazy things your kids have said at inappropriate times? I love to hear these stories. Just leave a comment to share 🙂