Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Potato Fetch

What were you doing at 8am this morning? We were preparing our corned beef and cabbage…and playing Potato Fetch.

This is how it all started (picture below)…need I say more?

Collin picking out potatoes. It's really funny when he takes a bite out of one and says, "Uck!" Not quite what he was thinking.

This one, Mom!

I stepped around the corner into the living room to check on one of the babies. I was only gone a second and what do I hear in the kitchen… “Arfff!” the poor dogs little yelp…AND a potato hitting the floor and rolling.

Really? Can’t I just get a break for a minute? Silly mommy…of course not! Not with three little ones under the age of 2. At least not for another ten years, if I’m lucky.

I hear another potato go rolling across the floor and Murphy’s nails go scrambling across the linoleum. When I get to the kitchen Murphy is carrying the potato in his mouth and is using his cat-like skills dodging the other flying potatoes from the “Big Baby,” aka Collin.

Murphy and the flying potato.

Who needs squeaky toys when you have vegetables!

And this is how Potato Fetch came about. And as I’m sitting on the floor rolling a potato across the kitchen I think to myself with a chuckle, no wonder I don’t get anything done. Oh well…we’re making memories. I rather my kids remember Potato Fetch than me yelling to get out of the kitchen and getting all stressed out. Just not worth it. Well…ok…I did raise my voice a little to stop the WHOLE bag of potatoes from being thrown around the kitchen.

***Note***Murphy’s potato did not go into dinner!!!  lol

Check out our short video below of Potato Fetch. (I’ll try to get better at the videos…a little bit longer…a little bit steadier. I’ll practice.)

Eventually supper was started. Aren’t vegetables just pretty?

Tomorrow I’m going to make green eggs. Who knows what will happen, but definitely not fetch with eggs!

Thanks for reading and watching 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  and watch out for those pesky little leprechauns.


p.s. I may not have mad cooking skills like Martha Stewart, but she doesn’t have helpers like these! Take that, Martha! HaHaHa!!!