Counting by Tens and Counting My Blessings

I pushed a thick sunflower stem into the floral foam and built up the arrangement with fall mums and lilies. I caught myself singing as I worked, “10, 20, 30…40, 50, 60…” and so on. Bradley’s little catchy tune has been stuck in my head for days.

I am really glad he is learning to count to 100, but that is all I hear all day long. It was really cute the first hundred times, but I think I have heard this song at least a million times by now. But I guess I’m missing my kids today, so his song is keeping me company.

As I left for work today I made my rounds and gave each one of them a hug and kiss, “Bye, baby!” or “Bye, hunny! I love you,” and around and around I went to each cute chubby cheek. I looked back at them around the dining room table with their cereal bowls and spoons and I felt full, not on Cheerios, but love.

I am a lucky mom to have such wonderful and beautiful children. You know how you get those days or moments, and you stop in the middle of the chaos and realize how truly blessed you are just by looking at those sweet faces.

I’m in awe and wonder. I am thankful.

But here is Bradley’s song, so you can get it stuck in your head, too. Watching Brad and the kids in the background just cracks me up. Welcome to my world.

He is getting so smart.