Just Write

I like to do a writing exercise that I call “Listening and Watching.” I usually do this type of writing when I am tired and really don’t feel like doing anything. This gets my creative muscles working and warmed up. It is very different from my other posts, but it something that I enjoy doing for myself. It is a little break. I just sit and write…and write. I don’t worry as much about the content as to just write. Sometimes it paints a picture of my surroundings at a certain moment in time. Other times I just ramble on and on and on and on…

It may be very mundane and boring. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And I will never know if you read it anyway, so go ahead and skip to the next post, I will never know. Sometimes I just need to write…with nothing in particular in mind. Helps keep me limber for the other days.

I decided to move to a different cushion of the couch. I have been sitting in the same spot on the couch almost everyday since the babies have been born that I think it is getting my butt indentation permanently cemented into it, seriously. I see where it is sunken in and the suede material is loose around that spot. I don’t think I have ever broken in a couch. Normally I am up and about and rarely sit still, but I do have two babies to feed. It is like I have set up camp. I put my little computer/notebook on the arm of the couch, my glass of hot tea on the window ledge behind it, and the play pen where the girls sleep is in arms reach. Everything I need is a fingertip away…or I just call Collin. He loves to pick things up.

But right now I moved over to a different cushion. It is a much firmer cushion and I am now resolved to switch my seats around, at least for the couch’s sake. It also gives me a different view of the house. Right now my back is resting against a big pillow and I am staring down at my purple toenails. I love purple toenails…and blue. Brad is sitting on the large footrest. He has a big number two on the back of his t-shirt. He is leaning forward and into his video game, elbows resting on his knees. If he leaned in any further he might just fall into the game, I’m sure he would love that.

The babies are starting to get colds, their first ones. I have been up with them all night. All day I have been walking around like a lost mummy wrapped loosely in toilet paper for Halloween. At least tissue is handy to wipe all the snotty noses around here.

Last night the wind smacked the windows all night and the cold air seeped in, whispering and murmuring, keeping me up all night. My mind swept the items in the backyard; soccer net, heavy plastic slide, wagon, maybe a few plastic bats were also left out, but nothing major that would blow away.

The wind is rattling the panes again tonight. I’m putting the afghan that my granny made me on my bed and will burrow into a crocheted cocoon, at least for a couple of hours until one of the babies cries.

Good night.