Funnies Floating in My Head

***I found this old post from March that I never put on my blog. I think I must have forgot about it. I love the pictures so I decided to post it. I can’t believe how long Collin’s hair was, before his dad gave him his first haircut.***

It sounds so cliche, but it’s true; I never get a moments peace, not even in the bathroom. Especially since Collin (19 months) learned to work door knobs. I really need a lock on that dang door. Collin barges in and is fascinated with the bathtub. It is a pretty amazing tub. It is an old fashioned tub and is really deep. He climbs onto the little step stool, “Collin, get down,” and next thing I see are little jammie feet sticking out from the top of the tub and he is just grunting…”ugh, ugh…” because he is stuck and can’t get out. I can’t help but laugh, even though my child is stuck upside in the bathtub (there was no water in it).

Here are some cute bathtub pics. One of our favorite things is to fill it full so they can “swim.” We also have all kinds of hair dos. Some of Bradley’s favorites include Tony Hawk hair, which is a tossled look. Dinosaur hair, which is spiky. Troll hair consists of two horns on the top of his head. We love making Collin a little Who from Dr. Seuss.

Zombie Hair

Who Hair

Old Man Beard

Another funny story:

Brad comes home and asks, “How did Collin get THAT bruise,” holding his hair off of his forehead. There seems to be a new one every day. “He fell into a laundry basket head first,” I tell him. He was all curled up in the fetal position, tring to move. The sides of the basket threatened to break with each little wail. When I think about it, I can’t help from cracking up. I so wanted to go grab my video camera and leave him stuck a little longer, but he started freaking out and the laundry basket was heaving at the sides so I rescued him.

I bought a pineapple at the grocery store. When I got home and put it on the counter Bradley was so excited he was jumping up and down and his eyes were as big as oranges. “MOM! That’s where SpongeBob lives.” It will be interesting to see how he reacts when we cut it open and eat it.

Bradley told me that only old men have beards and mustaches, like his dad. He said, “My dad is an old man,” and giggles with that silly grin. He knows he is funny.

He also told me that his dad needs a gun so he can shoot big alligators. I think that must be from a show they watch.

There are many more…I am going to try to keep a running tab.

TaTa for Now!