Collin’s First Haircut

Today I cried over sweet little blonde curls laying on my kitchen floor. The buzzing of the clippers shook and rattled my heart as I watched them fall to the floor, curl by soft curl.

I am never ready for my baby’s hair to be cut. I would let that fine baby hair grow and grow. But Brad never listens to me. It is an argument everytime. I knew it was coming because he wanted to cut it last weekend. When he cut Bradley’s hair for the first time I wasn’t even there to witness it…thankfully. Of course, he video taped it for me…which I can’t seem to find anywhere. Either way, I cried both times. And then I am in shock for a little while because it seems like they aged a whole year without those baby curls.

Below is Collin’s video of his first haircut. *sigh*

Well, at least part of it. Then “UGH Oh!”  (see next video below).

Sometimes I feel a little relief that the next two are girls…he better not touch their hair with clippers! That could possibly be construed as child abuse. lol

But he is a cutie no matter what his hair looks like.

Before front

Before back