Bradley’s First Haircut

I was going through my old photos and found a video of Bradley’s first haircut. Oh, that was a very sad day. He had the prettiest curls. I posted Collin’s first haircut in April, so I decided to include Bradley’s also, even though it was about 4 years ago that this video was taken. Oh, the memories.

Brad cut Bradley’s hair while I was at work. I would have never agreed to it. Taigyn did the video taping.

Needless to say, when I got home from work I cried when I saw him. I tucked away a locket of curls in his baby book. My baby was starting to look like a little boy.

Now, it is a common occurence¬†for Brad to shave the boys’ hair. I’m always bitching that he shaves it too short. Geesh, leave the boys a little hair! He never listens.