A Story From Our Day

“Bradley, keep an eye on your brother and sisters. I have to run downstairs and switch the laundry,” I told Bradley. I also yelled over my shoulder to them before the basement door shut behind me, “Bradley’s in charge! Be good!” Ha! Like that is gonna happen, but I’ll test my luck just to get a little bit done.

christmas 2012 194

I hurried down the steps and switched the laundry over like a mad woman. I turned shirts right side out in lightning speed. So much can happen when I switch laundry, which is why I never get it done and always have humongous piles of it. What are they doing up there? I stopped in my fury of clothing and listened; no panicked footsteps, no screaming, I”m doing good,” I thought to myself and finished up quickly.

christmas 2012 192

When I went upstairs Bradley had a piece of paper and pen. “Mom, I wrote down everybody’s names of who was being naughty,” he told me. Collin’s name was down three times (go figure), Elsie and Mallie’s once each. “What did they do?” I asked. He listed all the things they did and he didn’t cut them any slack. Wow, he really takes his job seriously and couldn’t help laughing to myself.

christmas 2012 027

It has been a crazy week here with the kids. I’m usually working, so we are not in a routine and as soon as we get one, it will be time to go back. But right now…right about nap time when I really need a breather…well, it just doesn’t happen. The twins think nap time really means party time and wont sleep for anything! Collin thinks it is time to go to the bathroom, get a drink, anything to get him up from laying still. There are times I just want to cry. Please just go to sleep! Mommy needs a break.

christmas 2012 030

And then I take a step back…letting all the fighting and bickering and crazy screaming with joy around the house go into the background. I take deep breaths and focus on the little things…like when Collin ran Mallie over with a car and knocked her down, he stopped and helped her up and tried to giver her a hug. Bradley offering to brush his sisters’ teeth in the morning. Elsie puckered up for a kiss. They really can be sweet, despite all the havoc they create.

christmas 2012 188

I captured one silly moment with the girls. It is now one of my favorite videos. I am so happy that they actually play together, even though Mallie seems a little unwilling. 

I love being home with them and I can’t wait to go back to work. I wish I could do it half and half…a little bit of this and a little bit of that.


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