Gone Crazy for Crayola

We did some major cleaning over the weekend. We went through all the toys and arts and crafts stuff. And we have WAY too many crayons and colored pencils! It’s ridiculous. THOUSANDS! And I can’t bear to just throw them away. There may be kids with no crayons somewhere…

I need to part with some. Or ask Pinterest for something crafty to do with them. I could even donate them….but to who?

My collection is out of control! It’s so bad, I think some of them are from my childhood crayon collection. Really.

I guess some people collect shoes…I collect crayons, colored pencils, pens, notebooks, books. I am a nerd…but totally loving it.

If you have any creative or crafty or donating ideas let me know in the comments. I am up for just about anything!

And what do other people do with all their kids’ crayons? Do you just throw them away?

And don’t get me wrong, we use them. We just don’t need this many. (And I’m running out of space.)


2 thoughts on “Gone Crazy for Crayola

  1. You could take the broken crayons. Cut them in to smaller pieces. Put different colors between sheets of wax paper. Then iron it to melt the colors. Trim the edges once it is dry. Each piece of art would be unique.

    • That’s a good idea. It would be cool if I could melt them and then cut them out into letters. Then I could spell out each of their names above their beds. That would take care of some of them. Thanks! Cute idea. 🙂

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