Conversation with Bradley

Out of the blue… a conversation with Bradley in the backyard. It went something like this.

Bradley – “Mom, God sucks.”

Me – “That’s not nice. We have so many things to be thankful for, and all because of God.”

Bradley – “Like what?” he says defiantly.

Me – “Everything around us God made and gave to us. And he gave me YOU, and Collin, and the girls.”

Bradley – “I don’t want Collin anymore. He messed up on Collin. He is always annoying me!”

Me (holding back a chuckle) – “He didn’t mess up on Collin. Everybody is made different. You have to remember, Collin is still a baby. He’s only two.”

I look at Collin, trying to stand on his head in the grass, one foot in the air. Sometimes you really have to wonder about two-year olds.


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