A Little Bit at a Time

My new motto, which was also my old motto since the twins came, but I guess I sort of forgot for a while, is: “A little bit at a time.” Because no matter how much I try to “get things done,” it doesn’t happen that way. There are way to many interruptions. Just writing the first two sentences I stopped to read Collin a book, cleaned up spit up, and scolded the puppy for chewing on the baby’s toes. Some days it may take me the whole day, “a little bit at a time,” to write a short blog post. I can see it is going to be that way for this one, too. Oh, well. My babies are only babies for a little while and I remind myself to cherish each stage because you blink and they are off to Kindergarten.

Working out is one of the biggest challenges, and I really need the exercise. I have never been this out of shape in my life, but I did just have 3 babies in 2 years…so I will cut myself a little slack. And remember “a little bit at a time.”  Because just getting ready to exercise is a workout in and of itself. I carry one baby upstairs and get her situated with toys. Go back downstairs for the other baby and bring her upstairs. I coax Collin upstairs, which usually isn’t too difficult because he is always following me anyway. And somewhere in there I throw the toy for the puppy a couple of times and get him situated.

As the video starts I make funny noises at the babies and remind Collin to play nice. I don’t even get through the warm up and I pause the video to change a stinky diaper. Before I had the babies I would never stop a workout video, I would always finish. Now, I’m getting used to it. If I didn’t stop and pause I would never exercise. I know, I have been there and done that. 

Many people give me wonderful advice, “Just do it when they nap.” Brilliant idea. If only I could get them to nap at the same time. As soon as I get one baby to sleep, the other is awake. Lately it seems they take turns for naps. I used to have a really good schedule, but we’re in a transition phase. They did not get the nap memo.

One nice thing is Bradley exercises with me for a little bit. He is my exercise buddy. He lasts about half way, but we have fun together. One day when I was done he looked at me and said, “Wow, Mom! It is working. You are loosing your fat.” Sweet boy. lol.

So I may not get a whole workout (usually not), but the effort was there. Like I always say, “a little bit at a time.” It is so very easy to say I don’t have time, which is true, but I can usually make it work. It’s just getting the right attitude into place, which I’m sure is the same for everybody, babies or not.

Didn’t mean to make this a whining blog post…but hey, I’m not fond of exercising. It just needs to get done like cleaning the toilet.

So busy moms, how do you get your workout in?


6 thoughts on “A Little Bit at a Time

  1. you’re not whining..I like reading your stories…..4 kids,1 dog,1 puppy..I dont know how you do it all!!! Oh ..and Brad too!! 🙂

    • Actually, right now there are 6 kids, 2 dogs, and a Brad. lol. I love having the older boys for the summer. I will be posting pictures of the new puppy soon.
      And thanks, I’m glad you enjoy reading. I really enjoy writing.

  2. Amanda , I’ m amazed at all you do. You have happy children and you do a great job.I love reading what yo9u write. Maybe some dayk you can write a column or a book! It’s always been your passion

  3. The only ones who ever want a nap in our house is me & the hubby! Lol Your ‘ little bit at a time’ is what works for me, too. For instance, laundry. By the time I even get it upstairs to fold, it takes another 10 mins to actually start. Halfway through, as soon as I turned my back….Miss Meysa unfolds ’em. Another 10 mins to get them folded again, 15 more mins to finish that load & a half hr to put them in the right pile. If we don’t get them put away immediately…forget it! Haha And that excersizing thing?? I’m sure you get a more strenuous workout (and longer one) just taking care of those lil’ ones…..so don’t stress over finishing a video. You pri go through 4 videos a day with ur own routine. There’s a reason why you & I don’t like excersizing….WE DO IT ALLLL DAY LONG!

  4. Oh….and P.S. Love reading ur blog, too. I want to start one, too. Now………if only I had some time to figure out HOW to do it….hmmm. (hint hint) lol

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