Our Day Without Electricity and Babies in the Backyard

I vaguely remember Brad waking me up around 5 something this morning. “The electricity is out,” he said. I mumbled something, heard the wind whipping the windows, and then closed my eyes against the bright lightning flashes and tried to go back to sleep. Notice I said tried, because it wasn’t but ten minutes later I felt someone grab my foot. Collin. This kid keeps waking up earlier and earlier every morning. I just want to sleep until 6 am…not happening anytime soon. Oh well.

So today we had to entertain ourselves. The house is so eery and quiet without background noise, fridge running (which you never notice until it is gone) and the usual household noises, tv in the background, etc. The kids and I made plenty of noise to fill up the empty space. We cleaned out the toy boxes upstairs and downstairs. This took a good portion of the morning, considering I had to keep reminding Bradley, “You never play with this. If you get rid of some toys then it makes room for new ones.” He kept picking Collin’s toys to get rid of. lol. We did manage to get rid of three good size boxes.

We played board games, read books, listened to “Coraline” on my Kindle, played with toys and messed up the toy room again, splashed in the puddles on the sidewalk. We also played Cash Cab on Taigyn’s iPod (we suck, by the way). My mom brought over McDonald’s for lunch. Thanks again, MOm!

It was a strange day, but lots of fun. We did not have contact with the outside world hardly at all. No Internet and my cell phone went dead, and we had to use Taigyn’s cell sparingly because his was just about dead too. It was a blast. Plenty of good quality family time. And I even won at Sorry.

By the afternoon, around 2 or so, this no electricity thing was starting to get old. And then I started worrying if it would come on today, because I really didn’t feel like sitting in the dark. I was also wondering what food in the fridge and freezer would still be good (it’s not that full, so if we did loose stuff, it wouldn’t be much). Luckily, Brad ordered us a pizza to be delivered, so I didn’t have to worry about dinner. Thanks again, hunny!

Kinda nice to play all day, and have lunch AND dinner delivered. We may not have had the basics, like electricity and the Internet :), but we were spoiled.

The power finally came on a little after 4.


It has been an interesting evening, too. I was sitting on the back porch and about jumped out of my skin. A rabbit appeared out of nowhere and sat right in front of me for several minutes, not moving, just staring up at me with those black marble eyes. I kept thinking, what the heck is wrong with the rabbit, he didn’t run, he looked kinda  mangled, and it had a goatee. I kept wondering if it was going to attack me or maybe it had rabies. I yelled for someone to get my camera, then it finally took off. Phew, didn’t get attacked by the goatee bunny. I did manage to get a few pics. It didn’t run far.

Goatee bunny

Poor mangled bunny. It looked like it didn’t make it through the storm to well.

It was strange after dinner. The air was cool and the air seemed to have an  other-worldly feel to it. And there were at least five or more rabbits grazing in the backyard. I kept expecting Bambi to join them. Below is another pic of one of our other bunny visitors.

The goatee bunny was still hanging out in what used to be the garden, but now is a mess of weeds, creeping charlie, and marigolds that came up on their own. All the other bunnies high tail it through little holes in the fence. But not the goatee bunny. I went to reach for a ball that was in the weeds and found her nest! I almost stepped on it. It’s kinda graphic, considering there is a dead bunny that was brutally pulled from the nest and somehow killed. So I guess the goatee bunny is a mommy bunny…I wonder if that fur hanging below her mouth is from eating something? Ewwww…  I guess that is nature.

So I was really tempted to move the poor thing out of the nest and my yard. But I decided against it because I don’t want a bunch of dead baby bunnies. So then I started feeling bad for the momma bunny. Here we are, following her around in the yard, taking pictures. So I have left it alone and will make sure the dog doesn’t discover the nest. I will take a peek in a couple days though.

It has been an interesting and fun day. Below is a video of Collin looking at the bunny. He keeps trying to say “bunny” but it just come out “bu” or “bir.”

And yes, I do dress my kids. But Collin loves loves loves to run around in his diaper. And he always always always takes off his shoes, no matter where we are at. At least he puts them away neatly, even under the dentist office chair. lol.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to enjoy nature, even if it is only in your backyard. 🙂


1 thought on “Our Day Without Electricity and Babies in the Backyard

  1. There are so many things I love about this post: That Bradley was trying to get rid of Collin’s toys, that you got McDonald’s and pizza all in one day and didn’t have to go anywhere for it, that there were so many rabbits and bunnies in your yard (but sad for the dead one), and the video. I love how happy he is. Precious. 🙂

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