Crayola Mess

Have you ever seen a thousand or more Crayola’s rolling around on your living room floor? I have. Thanks to my sweet little Collin.

I don’t know how, but somehow we inherited this wealth of crayons from my parent’s old house. It is a big plastic container with an assortment of blunt crayons, broken colored pencils, and dried out markers…along with old stickers that don’t stick anymore and several dustpans full of pencil and crayon shavings (I know because I swept all of this up, several times). It is a culmination of two kid’s leftover school crayons and other bits and pieces. It is 6 years worth of crayons, and then some! It is a nice collection if you are into that sort of thing, which I am. (I think crayons are one of the best art mediums, extremely versatile. I could do a whole post on this, but will spare you for now).

I love this tote of crayons because I can find just the right shade of peach or if I mix periwinkle with cerulean blue it will be the color I am looking for…and yes, there is a reason for white crayons, blending! But I digress because I love colors, crayons, and coloring (and don’t get me started on the smell, mmmmmm…my favorite- Crayola!). Collin loves this tote of crayons also, but not for the same reasons. He loves it because it is a big bucket of stuff to get into…and he loves to take off the marker lids and put them back on, keeps him busy for hours. He also likes sitting and playing in the tote. Note pictures below. Bradley likes getting into the action too, after the mess is made. But he is a good boy and helps his momma clean it all up.

Collin, March 2011. I am going to fit!


Collin trying to push his brother out of the tote. I love the look of determination on their faces.

 I have to admit, it is one of those unbelievable messes and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was sitting in the living room burping one of the babies and here comes Collin around the corner carrying this tote that is heavy and half the weight and size of him. Somehow he manages to lift this tote over his head with those short little arms…and it was a Crayola shower…I mean downpour!

“Oh, no,” is all I could say. I tried to swallow my giggles, push back the tears, and shush the yelling.

Luckily, my sweet little Bradley helped clean them up. And I am not exaggerating, there must be hundred and hundreds of crayons. I am still finding them here and there a month later.

I smartened up after this and put the tote somewhere he couldn’t reach, because this did happen twice. I am a slower learner. hee hee.


p.s. These pictures were taken in March, before the haircut. Still missing those curls. <small sob>

3 thoughts on “Crayola Mess

  1. We have a big tin of crayons. It’s the most authentic smell ever when that lid comes off. I did however go through them and rid myself of the small broken ones. Nothing like new boxes of crayons to open either!! The 68 piece or 64 ???? with the sharpener in the box was my biggest wish when I was little.

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