Bradley, Clifford, and the Book Fair

St.Patrick’s Day was a super busy day for us. This is part 3!

Bradley and I went to the book fair at his preschool. There were games, crafts, lots of cool books, and Clifford.

I wanted to take some pictures of Bradley in his Clifford ears we made at the book fair. He insisted on making a video instead. He was super hyper that night, probably because grandparents were around and he knows he never gets in trouble when they are around, most of the time. He also likes to show off. He is still cute in the video, in his own goofy way, even though I’m not sure what he was talking about.

I also took some cute pics. Check ’em out below.

Yep, amazing how much fun you can have with construction paper.

We ended the night reading books and eating Chex Mix.  I think next time we will have to make a play. FUN!


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