Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As I washed up the last big pan from supper I was thinking about all of the things I want to get done tomorrow. Finish putting my office together, organize my bookshelves, try to get caught up on laundry/or at least make a dent in it, clean out…WAIT! Sometimes I get so busy thinking about what I am going to get done that I forget to live in the moment and appreciate the day in front of me. But now that it is 9pm…I think I will give thanks to the day I just had. It has been a great day with my kids, family, and friends…and a very busy day! I set down the dish   soap and watched two tiny bubbles from the bottle float up to the kitchen ceiling. I’m tired and my feet are sore, but what a great day…

The girls cuddled and hung out in their crib while I got the boys ready. I had a lot of fun dressing everybody in green…or pink and green, love that color combo. 🙂

Mallie loves watching her hands and Elsie loves eating hers.


I love how they are cuddling in this one. Precious.

I absolutely adore putting the twins in dresses. They would wear pretty dresses everyday if I had enough dresses. I will have to learn how to do their hair all cute when they get bigger and get hair. Dresses came from my favorite store…Target.

I just fed her...but she wouldn't let go of that thumb.


Today Mallie was photogenic…last time it was Elsie. One of these days it will be both of them at the same time.

It  has been such a busy day and I am one tired momma! I am going to have to put today in two posts. This is the twins’ section of St. Patrick’s Day! Stay tuned for Bradley, Collin, green cookies, and the book fair.

G’night! And don’t let the leprechauns bite.


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