Sunday Smokeout

I crunched through the outer skirts of the cornfield, trying to avoid the dried up corn cobs that were a sprained ankle waiting to happen, and came to the clearing where I always met my friend. She pulled out a pack of Doral Full Flavor 100’s, “I stole these from my brother. Let’s try them, you go first,” she said, flicking a lighter and failing to arouse a flame. I remember I really didn’t want to smoke, it didn’t go with my outfit. I had on my new peach and navy v-neck cardigan, which was very in for the early 90’s, might I add. “C’mon. Let’s just do it. I really want to,” she said, “but I don’t want to go first.”

Peer pressure. I remember not even knowing what to do with the cigarette and not even the slightest idea on how to light it. But I did it to get her to shut up and leave me alone. “You have to suck in,” she said, holding the lighter at the end of the cigarette. I hacked and coughed. I felt dizzy and wanted to puke. I didn’t think I would do it again. But I did.

That one decision affected me for the next fifteen years (I must have been 13 or 14, maybe 15, when I started smoking). I have tried to quit smoking so many times. I think the problem was that I never really wanted to quit. I enjoyed smoking. It was relaxing and I liked the taste of it. But I knew I needed to quit.

My last cigarette was on September 13, 2010. That was the day I flew to Peoria. I would like to say it was my only helicopter ride, but it was not my last. It was a rough pregnancy. I was on strict bedrest in Peoria for six weeks and I was so drugged up I didn’t even miss a cigarette. That is how I quit smoking. I would probably still be smoking if not for these events.

Today is my six month anniversary for not smoking. I would like to say I did something elaborate to celebrate this accomplishment, but I didn’t. I did do something special though, my mom duties. I have been cuddling three sick babies, wiping runny noses, and listening to them hack and cough. This alone makes me very thankful that I am still not smoking…and it has been very difficult at times. But I look at all of these adorable children and I know that I want to be around as long as possible for them.

Below are reasons #1, 2, 3, and 4 to quit smoking.

Collin, Bradley, Elsie, and Mallie

Sleepy Head Bradley




Pretty darn good reasons to quit smoking, if you ask me. I am a very thankful and lucky momma. 🙂


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