STOP…while I kiss these kids.

 The walls in this house are making the rooms much smaller and the kids are getting to be excellent climbers. We really need to get out a little more.

 It used to be so easy to throw a couple kids into the car and go. Now, with four children-and three of these under two- it is a major production to get out of the house (even though I wouldn’t change it for anything). And we especially haven’t gone anywhere this winter with super tiny preemies unless we had to.

But…The weather is getting nicer, the girls are getting bigger, and we are getting spring fever. And sometimes…a girl just needs to get out and have a little fun, even if she does have four kids in tow, and even if it is just to the library (which is pretty exciting to me).

So the other day as I’m guzzling the last of my hot tea, the best part with all the sugar at the bottom, I tell Bradley we are going to have to get a move on so we can go to the store. I’ve been dying to buy a new camera, need one badly, and have been saving my pennies, LOTS of them. I figure, might as well go to Best Buy and get one. Getting this gang ready and out the door is a lot of work, but I’m up for the challenge.

But of course, as soon as I decide this all hell breaks loose…or just lil’ Elsie’s lungs screaming at full blast, and she has a scream like a siren. So I take care of my poor colicky baby and try to get the rest of them ready, and it’s amazing what you can do with baby in arm. By the time I run around and go back and forth, all the kids are clean, hair and teeth brushed, they are all looking cute…and I am a sweaty mess and not even close to being ready. Thank goodness for ponytails and messy buns, otherwise we would never make it out the door.

Two trips to the car…yep, you heard it right, it only takes me two trips and I’m quite proud of this. I carry Collin first, then a car seat on each arm for my last load. It’s getting harder because they are getting bigger, but my arms rock! 

Look out store, here we come!

 But wait and STOP…this is where I kiss my kids… and brag about how well behaved they are at the store.

Bradley holds one of Collin’s hands and I hold the other…and my other arm is carrying two car seats, one resting on my arm and the other in my hand. We are quite a sight as we walk through the parking lot. And really, this is where it could get a little hairy…Collin could take off,  Bradley could refuse to help…but no, they are both angels. In the store, around all these expensive electronics, Bradley leads Collin by the hand and lil’ Collin just trails behind. They are so cute and I manage to make it through the store without the babies waking up and I didn’t loose any kids. Wow.

I am just so proud of my boys. And for that performance I let Bradley pick where we went for lunch, McDonald’s of course.

Our little outing was perfect, except the camera wasn’t in. Now I’m just waiting for it in the mail. I spent the extra six bucks to have it shipped, who knows when we will get out of the house next, so it was worth it.


p.s. I have a double stroller but it doesn’t fit in my SUV. So we wing it. And you should see me load all the kids in the tiny vehicle, it’s comical. That could be a post all of its own.

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