Meet Collin: My Super Cute Baby Boy

I picked Collin up out of his highchair and Kix cereal pelted the floor like hail. Obviously he had more in his lap than his tray. And as soon as his feet touched the floor him and Murphy raced to see who could eat the most cereal off the floor. I might as well be talking to the wall when I say, “Collin, don’t eat off the floor!” Normally he is playing in the river of milk on his tray. He is such a joy to clean up. Right now we just finished breakfast and I am watching him run around with a leftover something stuck above his ear. Must have missed that one.


Mommy & Collin

Collin is the “middle” child (sort of…I should say he is one of the middle children and the youngest boy), with Bradley on one side and the twins on the other, and two older brothers, the oldest 16! But he is my “go with the flow” kid. He toddles along behind one of us. He is also the one who is a big helper and is ALWAYS into something. I can’t turn my back for a second or he might blow up the house, seriously. We were down in the basement and I turned to put the laundry soap in the washer…and that MUST HAVE been when he decided to play with the dials on the water heater. Took me forever to figure out why there was no hot water. Needless to say, I don’t take him down there with me anymore.

He is a pretty easy going toddler. He loves to follow his brother around and play with Murphy, our dog. Collin is 19 months old now and he doesn’t say much, although he has a wide range of yells and grunts. Why would he have to say anything when he has his brother to do it. Bradley will say, “Collin wants a snack,” or “Collin wants to watch cartoons.” So having a little brother has its advantages for Bradley too.

Mommy's helper.

 Likes: Doing dishes, dancing, pushing buttons, pointing and grunting, eating from the garbage (which we put a lock on that door!), playing ball, climbing the stairs and anything that stands somewhat still, pulling off his diaper, he is obsessed with brushing his teeth, crackers (he can be bribed to do anything with a cracker), playing peek-a-boo, rubbing mashed potatoes in his hair, and eating Legos, just to name a few. Oh, and he loves kissing feet, especially the babies. And trying to give the babies their pacifiers. He likes to help with EVERYTHING.  

Lego boy

 Dislikes: Long naps, wearing socks and shoes (can’t keep these on him for nothing!), tape on his fingers, and sharing.

He is quite a character. I can just sit and watch him run and it makes me crack up laughing. He is such a goofball. I can’t wait until he starts talking…I wonder what he will say.
Check out Collin’s short video. I was trying to get him to play peek-a-boo but he just wouldn’t. Still a cute video, I’m kinda partial though to my children. 🙂
Thanks for reading and watching! Feel free to leave a comment. They make my day!
p.s. And he loves eating his toes. I will have to definitely get a picture, it’s hilarious.

11 thoughts on “Meet Collin: My Super Cute Baby Boy

    • Thanks, Jenny. I like reading your blog also. One of my favorite parts is “Natalie Says…” cracks me up.
      You can also subscribe to the feed and it sends you an email when there is a post. It is on the sidebar.
      Thanks for reading.

  1. and by the way, I mean that in a wonderful way! I just don’t see how you keep up, can’t wait to read what happens when the girls start moving around!! 🙂

    • I’m not sure how I keep up either…well, there is a mountain of laundry waiting to be done. It’s funny, I never pictured having so many children but I am embracing the experience and absolutely loving staying at home with the kids. It was hard at first. And it will be interesting when the girls get older. Heck, you should see us when we try to go somewhere. It is always interesting. Thanks for reading!

  2. I love this blog, helps me keep ” in the loop”………always makes me smile seeing what they have been up too!!

  3. O my God! Thanks Amanda, for all the information. Are there any up-close photos of the girls. Little Bradly looks just like Brad at that age. I mean just the same it’s like looking at. A photo of brad 26 years ago. Take care Love Uncle Deano

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