Family Day

Brad just shuffled off to bed, dragging his slippered feet across the hardwood floors like a blind man on ice. Murphy must be just as tired because he high-tailed it to the recliner to keep the chair warm. I would like to go to bed…but that’s not happening for a little while anyway.

We spent the day with my parents, grandparents, and my sister and her family. I love having a big get together with the family. Jessica made a big pot of chilli with noodles on the side. We played Scrabble and I was highly distracted by the lemon bars baking in the kitchen (Jess really spoiled us today, what a good sis).


My beautiful and talented niece, Hannah, took a ton of pictures today. She loves taking  pics as much as I do. I  can not show them all, but I will post a few of my favorites.
Thanks Hannah!

Jonas, Collin, and Bradley


Look at those muscles!!! Bradley


I will be sharing more of Hannah’s pictures soon. I have a project in the works. Stay tuned to find out!

And now  the girls are finally asleep, so I guess it is now my turn to shuffle off to bed.


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