G’night! See You in the Morning.

Bradley's new bed

The boys woke us up at 6am this morning. I heard them thundering up and down the slide, giggling and screaming with delight. Then footsteps running back and forth in the hallway, Collin right on Bradley’s heels babbling away. Back and forth they went, up the hallway and then down the slide.

What were we thinking?! Getting a bed with a slide – crazy parents…

They were giggling nonstop. I wasn’t ready to get up yet! NO! I just fell asleep from Mallie’s early morning feeding. So I faked it. I rolled over and pretended I was sleeping. I noticed Brad’s breathing had changed and knew he was awake and just pretending to be sleeping also. We were both silently protesting and debating with each breath on who was going to get up. And as I lay there trying to block out the raucous I couldn’t help but smile to myself in pure happiness. I love to hear them playing and having such a good time together. We are not crazy parents, just fun parents. It was also bound to happen, Bradley’s bed was brand new.

The “sleep” didn’t last long and the screaming riot burst into our room, out of breath and with smiles brighter than the sunshine. It was Brad who rolled over first, “Go in your room and play. AND BE QUIET!”  Ha! I knew he would holler first, I thought to myself as I drifted back to a peaceful sleep. Five minutes later he was up tending to the boys. It’s okay, Elsie would wake me up with her high-pitched scream soon enough, poor colicky baby.

I am so glad Bradley loves his new bed. He has been waiting so patiently for it. We ordered it 2 weeks ago and had to wait for it to come in.  About a week ago he told me, “Mom, I can’t wait for my new bed to get here. Then Collin can’t get me and I can sleep for a long time.” Soon enough being woken up by a brother bouncing on your head will be a good memory. I remember my sister always ran her feet on bunkbeds we were in, and it felt like it was all over my back, since I had the top bunk. She was up all night jabbering away and I wanted to sleep. Oh, the memories…

We just got the call last night and Brad stayed up all night (with the help of Grandpa Don) putting the bed together. What a good daddy (and grandpa).

Brad also made the underneath of the bed cool as can be. There is a toy box and tv, pillows and a little chair. The DVD is actually attached to the bottom of the bunk bed so Collin can’t get it. It is such a cool hangout with green curtains and all.

It’s night-time now and the boys are each snuggled into their beds.

G’night! Sleep tight…and see ya in the morning. 🙂


p.s. Collin never sits and watches television, especially that close. It’s a new novelty and Brad got lucky and snapped the pic before he got up. This picture cracks me up though, his bare back and diaper hanging out.

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