Friday Favorites

Collin, Bradley, and Mommy

This picture just cracks me up. “Everybody make a funny face!” and this is what Collin gives us. He is such a character…I just can’t explain. To know him is to love him and laugh at,  I mean WITH him. He is just something else and sweet as can be.

So I have decided that Friday will be my “Friday Favorites.” I will post pictures that I really like and didn’t get a chance to put up. I might post old pictures and reminisce. Or it coud just be random things that I really like. We will see how it goes, but it will be my favorites of something!


And I managed to get a really cute picture of my lil’ Elsie Cake smiling and happy as can be. She was cooing and trying to laugh. She is so precious. I love these moments, and they aren’t as often as they should be with this sweet girl. She has acid reflux and is so miserable with a belly ache alot of the time. We have tried everything for the poor girl (a whole story itself) and nothing seems to work. I can’t wait until she grows out of it and we have more smiley times.

Mommy and Mallie

And my lil’ Mallie, a.k.a. Mallie B. or Mallie Boo or Malibu, is just a happy little round baby. She is pretty content just hanging out and enjoying the show.


My Bradley is getting so big and independent. He took this picture all by himself! And he is such a great helper and loving brother,most of the time 😉  I don’t know what I would do without him.

Mommy and Collin

And can’t forget about my lil’ Collie…aka…Collie Wolly Doodle… technically “the middle child.” Bradley on one side and twin girls on the other. It is a good thing he is so easy-going. He is also quite clumsy and things just seem to happen to the poor kid, it is quite humorous some of the situations he gets into. I’m sure I will have many to share soon enough. He is also my helper and shadow. I can’t seem to do anything without him…and I don’t mind too much because soon enough he will be getting bigger and wont want to admit being a momma’s boy.

And this momma has had one long day and is exhausted.  I will introduce Papa Bear another day. 

Thanks for reading and I will leave you with my other favorite pics we took yesterday. Bradley took some of them and  I think he did a pretty good job.


p.s. Please ignore the background clutter in the pics. I like to keep it “real.” My house isn’t really messy, just a little unorganized now and then. It is “lived in” and “comfortable” by a very large family. I figure I can spend my days cooking and cleaning all day… or I can do some of both…and PLAY and make awesome memories. They are only little once.

Easter in February… we call it practice.

Okay…I know it’s not Easter, but…if you are going to boil eggs you might as well decorate and color them, right? Who wants boring ol’ white eggs? Not us! Plus, we are “practicing” for Easter.

I don’t use Easter egg coloring kits. We do it the old-fashioned way, crayons and food coloring. One of my favorite parts of coloring eggs is getting out the big tote of old crayons. As soon as you take off the lid the sweet aroma of Crayola tickles my nose and makes my fingers itch and tingle. Tangerine orange, mulberry, salmon, golden rod, and burnt sienna beg to be picked up. I absolutely love the smell of crayons, as well as coloring with them. They are a very versatile medium.

Bradley and I had fun writing and coloring on the eggs. He even made an egg for his Dad. Collin kept trying to eat them and then would fake cough. We had a blast and the amazing part is that we managed to get all of this done by 9am…AND no major accidents or meltdowns, excluding dying the counter top hot pink – which I managed to get off.

It was so much fun staying in our jammies and hanging out. It is times like these that I absolutely love staying home and making memories.

And I get extra cool mom points because we also hid them. I mean, c’mon…you can’t color eggs and not hide them! I explained to Bradley that it was “practice” for when the Easter bunny really does come. They found them in chairs, on the window ledges, with the toys, and many other places; except for that one in my shoe which I found later that evening. haha

They looked everywhere. And even Murphy, our dog, found some.

Bradley even hid them for his brother. I love to see them playing together so well.

AND…if you are going to have hard-boiled eggs, you’re going to have to have very colorful egg salad sandwiches.

And if  are going to have a nice lunch, you will probably need a nap. I know Collin did. 🙂

It was a wonderful day. Maybe next time we will have Halloween in March, who knows.


Melt, melt, melt it all away!

Love the Napolean Dynamite boots!

The temperature was in the 40’s today. It was like a heat wave. It is our spring thaw and all those piles of snow are finally melting. Yayyyy!!!

Collin distracted by the puddles.

AND…we went on our first walk of the season. It was a ton of fun and quite an adventure, even though we didn’t even make it around the block.

I was procrastinating getting the day going; taking my sweet time checking my Facebook, reading my list of never-ending blogs, texting a friend back and forth, which ended up amounting to a long letter. It was beginning to be late morning and the babies were sleeping again and Collin was secured in his high chair. I was totally enjoying this little bit of free time. I even let Collin have seconds on cereal to drag it out a little bit longer.

As I lounged on the couch with my laptop, the kids enjoying Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I kept noticing the sun shining in the dining room window. “Man, it really looks nice out,” I told Bradley. I peeked ou the door as I let the dog out…was it ever nice out!

 “Kids, we are breaking out of the house!”  

By this time I had wasted a good portion of the morning. If we were going to get out and enjoy this weather we would have to get a move on. FAST!

mallie in bunny suit

First, I have to get this gang ready to go. Which is easier said than done. I have to wrangle and wrestle Collin to get his coat on. He breaks for a fast get away and I grab his arm and turn him into his coat and zip it before he even knows what hit him. I’m also feeling quite proud and cocky at how easy that was, like a seasoned mom. Then I have to get the twins ready. Elsie is starting to scream, as usual, poor girl and her reflux. Mallie is just hanging out waiting. I’m grabbing their snow suits and turn around, Collin already has his shoes and socks off. GEEZ! I ignore it and get the girls zipped up into their pink bunny suits from Aunt Shirley (which always remind me of the movie, “Christmas Story.”) Thank goodness Bradley can get his own shoes and coat on.


I rush, rush, rush to get everyone ready. Get  Collin’s shoes on, AGAIN! Make 3 trips to get everyone out the door. Try to figure out the stroller and cuss it out a little for not working like I want it to. Trying to hurry because I have one fussing baby and the other screaming. Try not to have a mommy meltdown when I can’t get all  my children in the stroller. I am squeezing and prodding to get the girls in one seat, just not working. I lay one of the twins in the car to get the other situated. I am juggling babies in arms and strollers and cars. I am also keeping my other eye on Collin, who is running around the garage with one shoe on and the other off. Darn kid! Are we ever going to get out of here?

When I finally get us all ready, I’m sweating and tired. But we are off. And I just keep thinking, this is a lot of work just to go for a short walk.

My view

We don’t even get 10 steps down the alley and poor little Collin already fell flat on his face, skinning his hands and there is a little blood on his lip. I pick him up and brush him off, and he is off and running again. He was so cute, trying to keep up with his brother on the bike and trying not to get ran over by the stroller.  haha.  He was having fun, except when his shadow kept following him. That was really distracting for him, along with the puddles. Poor kid needs to get out more. Thank goodness spring is almost here.

Bradley also fell off his bike and SPLAT, right into a puddle. He was covered in mud. He stood up and looked at me, confused and disoriented, like I pushed him. I tried not to laugh as he realized he was covered in mud. I reassured him he would wash. Man, my boys sure are clean freaks. I will blame this on their dad. 🙂

We ended up only making it down the alley and around the corner before the stroller, which is the size of a semi, got stuck and there were to many snow drifts blocking our way. So we turned around and headed back for home. We had a blast, and it is always a fun-filled adventure with this gang. I just remember to keep my sense of humor and it all works out, because it never goes as planned.

I can’t wait for more nice days like this. Maybe next time we will be able to stay out a little while longer.

My Lil’ Gang

I hardly have any pictures of me and my kids. I’m always trying to get Brad to snap a few, but he seldom helps me out in this area. If he does, I usually get one quick pic, my eyes closed because I wasn’t ready. SOOoooo… I decided to snap a few myself. I got up and had this brilliant idea one morning to use the automatic timer and do my own little photo shoot. I even managed to get my hair done! But, trying to take a family pic of my lil gang is kinda hard. You have to prop the babies up and try to keep them happy so they aren’t crying in the pic. Then you have to catch Collin and try to keep him still, which is nearly impossible. He is always trying to get up and mess with the camera. So here is some of the shots. They are a little crazy, kinda like me and my lil gang. They are not perfect, but I love them anyway.

still trying



I never really did get a good picture of all of us. We had a lot of fun trying, and it took an amazing amount of patience, as well as a majority of the morning.

Thankfully, my sister stopped over and I was able to talk her into being my photographer. We finally got a picture!

My lil' gang

Next on the agenda, trying to take a pic of all my kids together. That will be interesting. 


Getting started…again.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.

~Mark Twain

Oh, dear Mark… I wish it was that easy. Wait! I guess he never said it was easy, just get started. And that is exactly what I need to do, just focus on one thing and then the next. Because when I look at the whole picture, or the whole day, I am overwhelmed. When I am overwhelmed, I tend to get nothing done. I also tell myself, quit thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done, and just get it started by doing one thing then the next.

So here I am; again at another beginning because I feel like I never really started my blog. But I’m not going to worry over that, I am just going to get started. And here I am!

I may just have to ramble for a couple posts and get the hang of this, like testing the ice. Swirling and twirling on my own slippery little space on the Internet.

One weird thing about this, there are thousands and millions of people out there; but here I am, hiding in my little nook. A tiny little pond in a sea of blogs.

I need a game plan. BEFORE Facebook. BEFORE reading all of my other blogs. BEFORE bed… I will post on my blog.

Goal: at least one post per week. Starting today.