Purple Monkeys, Bouncing Babies, and One Tired Momma

The Quad Cities Mother of Twins Club had a fundraiser tonight at Monkey Joes, one of those bouncy jungle gym places. So the twins stayed home with their dad (they are too little to go anyway) and I took the boys on a little mommy/son date. We had a great time and I realized it has been FOREVER since I have taken both my boys out without babies. We had a great time. We had Kids’s Meals at Burger King and a bouncing good time at Monkey Joe’s. That is why this post is going to be super short, super simple, and not very creative. I am one tired mommy.

They ran, they jumped, they played. They bounced, they skipped, they slid.

Thirsty boys taking a break.

I ran, I chased, I cheered, I watched. I climbed, I slid, and now I am one tired momma


good night


1 thought on “Purple Monkeys, Bouncing Babies, and One Tired Momma

  1. I decided that when I die I definetly want to come back as one of your children!!!!!! But i guess that would be kind of wierd since I would still be nagging Brad as a mommy does. LOL

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