Easter in February… we call it practice.

Okay…I know it’s not Easter, but…if you are going to boil eggs you might as well decorate and color them, right? Who wants boring ol’ white eggs? Not us! Plus, we are “practicing” for Easter.

I don’t use Easter egg coloring kits. We do it the old-fashioned way, crayons and food coloring. One of my favorite parts of coloring eggs is getting out the big tote of old crayons. As soon as you take off the lid the sweet aroma of Crayola tickles my nose and makes my fingers itch and tingle. Tangerine orange, mulberry, salmon, golden rod, and burnt sienna beg to be picked up. I absolutely love the smell of crayons, as well as coloring with them. They are a very versatile medium.

Bradley and I had fun writing and coloring on the eggs. He even made an egg for his Dad. Collin kept trying to eat them and then would fake cough. We had a blast and the amazing part is that we managed to get all of this done by 9am…AND no major accidents or meltdowns, excluding dying the counter top hot pink – which I managed to get off.

It was so much fun staying in our jammies and hanging out. It is times like these that I absolutely love staying home and making memories.

And I get extra cool mom points because we also hid them. I mean, c’mon…you can’t color eggs and not hide them! I explained to Bradley that it was “practice” for when the Easter bunny really does come. They found them in chairs, on the window ledges, with the toys, and many other places; except for that one in my shoe which I found later that evening. haha

They looked everywhere. And even Murphy, our dog, found some.

Bradley even hid them for his brother. I love to see them playing together so well.

AND…if you are going to have hard-boiled eggs, you’re going to have to have very colorful egg salad sandwiches.

And if  are going to have a nice lunch, you will probably need a nap. I know Collin did. 🙂

It was a wonderful day. Maybe next time we will have Halloween in March, who knows.


5 thoughts on “Easter in February… we call it practice.

  1. Awww! Wonderful idea! I didn’t know you had a blog… one of these days I may enter into the blog world, we shall see. For now I just pretend Facebook is my own personal one!
    Super cute pics, too!!

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