My Lil’ Gang

I hardly have any pictures of me and my kids. I’m always trying to get Brad to snap a few, but he seldom helps me out in this area. If he does, I usually get one quick pic, my eyes closed because I wasn’t ready. SOOoooo… I decided to snap a few myself. I got up and had this brilliant idea one morning to use the automatic timer and do my own little photo shoot. I even managed to get my hair done! But, trying to take a family pic of my lil gang is kinda hard. You have to prop the babies up and try to keep them happy so they aren’t crying in the pic. Then you have to catch Collin and try to keep him still, which is nearly impossible. He is always trying to get up and mess with the camera. So here is some of the shots. They are a little crazy, kinda like me and my lil gang. They are not perfect, but I love them anyway.

still trying



I never really did get a good picture of all of us. We had a lot of fun trying, and it took an amazing amount of patience, as well as a majority of the morning.

Thankfully, my sister stopped over and I was able to talk her into being my photographer. We finally got a picture!

My lil' gang

Next on the agenda, trying to take a pic of all my kids together. That will be interesting. 


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