Holy Smokes!

Holy smokes! I can’t believe I’m here. My own little spot in this sea of technology.

Wow, it really only took a few minutes to get started. YIKES!  I was planning on stringing this out, that is my way of procrastination. I have been debating for months on how to get started with my new blog for a new year. What content should I focus on? Should I use wordpress, blogger, typepad? What is the difference? I have been surfing and reading other blogs. I have been doing research, which consists of getting a stack of books about blogging from the library and skimming through them. I haven’t actually read any. I have a picture of my blog and how I want it to look, but no idea on how to get there. Just figuring out how to post this is a new experience.

But here I am. So fast and so quick. Now I just have to figure out how it works. This is my test post.

Ready or not, here I go!

3 thoughts on “Holy Smokes!

  1. Love the pictures you took by yourself! That seems like something i would do and it end up not working as planned, Lol. But what are the things after the pictures?

  2. Amanda u r fantastic and I am so proud to have u as my daughter in law thank you for not only taking care of my only son but also my precious grandchildren I have been blessed with. You r an amazing woman and yet you make all the chaos look so easy. I am truly proud to have you as part of my family

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